Vet In Carnarvon

If you're looking for a vet in Carnarvon then make sure you stop by our vet hospital at 318 Robinson St, East Carnarvon, right on the main street in town, with big red "VET" letters on the sign.

This hospital was formerly known as Carnarvon Veterinary Clinic, the first and longest standing vet in Carnarvon, previously operated by Dr Harry Seddon for almost 40 years. It is now owned and operated by Dr Shanon Donovan, a former Carnarvon vet who has returned to town with his family to keep this vet clinic's legacy going for many more years to come.

There's plenty of secure parking right outside the main entrance at the vet in Carnarvon. Escape the heat inside our air conditioned hospital, get expert advice from our friendly healthcare team, or browse our extensive Carnarvon pet shop for all of your pet product needs.


Vet in Carnarvon

Since its relaunch in March 2015, the vet in Carnarvon has undergone some significant structural and technological upgrades, including:

-air conditioning fitted throughout to maintain client, pet and staff comfort throughout the year
-new flooring and window fittings installed in main areas
-new computer system fitted to help maintain accurate record keeping as well to help educate pet owners through interactive videos, pictures and articles
-new large pet store off the main reception area for all of your pet product needs (for dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish and more)
-new seating and facilities in waiting and consult rooms for increased client comfort

We've also upgraded the equipment, including:

New state of the art, top of the line, ultrasonic dental equipment which allows us to offer top notch dental care to Carnarvon pets.

Orthopaedics (bones)
New orthopaedic equipment to repair bones, fractures, ligament injuries and more.

Digital X-rays
New digital xray equipment which allows us to diagnose problems faster and more accurately, as well as discuss cases with specialists.

New anaesthetic machines that allow us to offer safer anaesthetic procedures, as well as new anaesthetic monitoring devices so that we can monitor your pets vitals during surgery and reduce the anaesthetic risk.

In House Blood Machines
New in house blood machines so that we can diagnose many health problems within minutes. Our blood machines require only a fraction of the amount of blood that some other machines require, and also generate results in a much quicker time frame, which is perfect for those critically ill or emergency cases.

Video Microscopes and Interactive Displays
Our new in house video microscopes allow us to show you what we see in the consult room, whether it be blood smears, mites, bacteria, fungi, or other parasites. 


Our digital stethoscopes allow you to hear what we hear on an iphone or smart device:


We've added some new ECG equipment to our equipment line up too, to help with diagnosing those difficult heart conditions. We've added both the aliveCOR portable unit and the larger multi lead ECG.


This is only the beginning, many more improvements have also been made, and many more are yet to come. We'll keep you updated as they occur.

In the meantime if you need a vet in Carnarvon, drop by and see us at Carnarvon Vet Hospital, 318 Robinsons St, East Carnarvon, or call us on (08) 9941 1886. We look forward to seeing you and your pets soon!