Health Checks

Did you know pets age approximately seven times faster than people? Most pets are considered "senior" by around 7 years of age, and even less in larger breeds. This is why regular twice yearly for life health checks at Carnarvon Vet Hospital are crucial in spotting problems early, and maintaining good health for your pet long into their golden years.

Diseases which may be caught early by regular health checks include: dental disease, arthritis, heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, obesity, some cancers and many other conditions.

Call us today to book a health check for your pet with one of our vets.


Adult dogs and cats (1-6 years)

  • Vaccinations

  • Worming (both heartworm and intestinal worms)

  • Dental check

  • Heart check

  • Screening blood testing

  • Urine examination

Additional exams for senior dogs (7+ years)

  • Osteoarthritis exam

  • Chest xrays

  • Thyroid check

Additional exams for senior cats (7+ years)

  • Arthritis exam

  • Kidney disease screen

  • Blood pressure maintenance

  • Thyroid Issues