Pet Insurance

Unlike human healthcare, there is no government funded medicare for pets. With modern treatments and the ever increasing cost of medications and equipment, the price of veterinary care for your pets can often add up. This can cause considerable financial stress, particulary in the event of a sudden emergency or accident. Fortunately, you can get pet insurance for your pet. There are many plans available from a number of different companies, with a wide range of costs and benefits to suit everyone. Pet insurance really helps take the suprise or stress out of veterinary bills. It means you can get the medical attention your pet needs as soon as they need it, along with the best treatments available, without having to worrry as much about the cost.

Carnarvon Vet Hospital has partnered with Petplan Australia and are agents for this great insurer. An added bonus is that Carnarvon Vet Hospital is registered to accept payments directly from Petplan, meaning you don't have to pay huge out of pocket sums and then wait for the insurer to reimburse you, they pay us direct.

When selecting a pet insurance policy for your pet, it is important to read the terms and conditions in the product disclosure statement. If you are unsure about which plan is best suited for you, feel free to chat to our knowledgeable staff who are happy to assist.