Nutritional Advice & Weight Loss


A pet's nutritional requirements varies greatly with age, breed, activity levels, health status and more, just like people. Sometimes it is hard to figure out why your pet becomes overweight, or conversely why you cannot seem to get them to keep any weight on at all. Have no fear, out staff are here to help you formulate a balanced nutritional plan for your pet.

When it comes to nutrition for your pet, here are some basics that we recommend:

  • Feed a premium pet food. No, its not because we make huge commisions from it, it is because premium ingredients comes at a premium price, but results in premium health. Cheaper foods tend to be cheap for a reason. They contain a lot of fillers or less digestible ingredients which leads to greater stool volume, greater flatulance and stomach rumbling, and can lead to health problems.
  • Make sure the food is fresh. Purchase only what you need for your pet, and store the balance in air tight containers. 
  • Dry kibble is better than wet food for maintaining proper dental health as the kibble tends to scrape the teeth during eating.
  • Feed the right amount, and measure what you feed. By measuring the amount of food you feed your pet, you can make small adjustments depending on if they are gaining or losing too much weight over time.
  • Avoid "people" food. Some of the most benign human treats can be caloric suicide for pets, given their smaller size and different energy requirements.
  • Avoid fatty foods which can predispose pets to pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas).
  • Your pets nutritional requirements will change with age, so consult with your vet to make sure you are feeding the right food for your pet's life cycle stage.

If you notice your pet has had a sudden increase in appetite or thirst, or likewise has suddenly gone off food, consult with our staff. Some of these signs can also be early symptoms of disease.

Give us a call to discuss the nutritional needs of your pet, and put them on the path to great health for a great life!