Washing & Grooming

We offer a full range of grooming, clipping and washing services for cats and dogs. Some pets require clipping as often as 6-8 weeks, particularly in Carnarvon’s warmer climate. Spots with our groomer fill up fast, so make sure you book well in advance to have your pet trimmed and pampered in our grooming parlour.

Don’t need a full trim? Why not bring your pet in for a massaging hydrobath to wash off all of that red dirt they’ve picked up in Carnarvon. Seen fleas or ticks? Why not get a flea rinse at the same time. We can also trim your pet’s nails for you as well.

Our groomer will also give your pet the once over and highlight any issues she may find that may warrant you seeing the vet for too, such as any sores, ear infections or dental disease.

One of our patients, Jax, after his groom looking prim and proper!