Behavioural Advice

Are the neighbours complaining about your dog who barks all the time? Or do you have a pet who is a biter or has aggression towards people or other pets? Or an escape artist? Or perhaps you have a urine marking tom cat? Whatever the problem, we can help. There really is no substitute for your vet when it comes to a total picture approach to behavioural problems: we take a thorough history, we conduct a full medical exam to rule out any underlying medical problems and then we work with you to formulate a behavioural modification plan that works for you and your situation. Sometimes these plans may even require some pharmaceutical intervention to make the retraining process easier on everyone.

In certain circumstances, the situation may even call for extra assistance. We have access to specialist vet behaviourists for advice, and where needed can offer referral.

If your pet has a behavioural problem, please contact us today for an appointment with one of our veterinarians.