HoundHouse Buyers Guide

A guide to selecting the right sized HoundHouse dog kennel for your pet.

The HoundHouse is simply the best kennel for your pet. The unique materials cannot be found in any other kennel on the market. The HoundHouse comes in four different sizes, extra large, large, medium and small. The best way to gauge the size of kennel that best suits your dog is to measure the length of your dog, from head to tail while your dog is fully stretched out. The length of your dog shoud be smaller than the length of the kennel. If for some reason you are still in doubt, always choose the larger kennel as it will provide a more comfortable house for your dog.

  Small Medium Large Extra Large
Length 54 cm 63 cm 85 cm 103 cm
Width 46 cm 57 cm 72 cm 82 cm
Height 50 cm 63 cm 75 cm 91 cm

Thing you must consider

Kennel position
All animal suffer if they can't keep their bodies at the right temperature. Make sure you place your kennel in a position that's cool during the hot Australian summer and warm during the cooler months. Ideally, you should move the kennel to a position of the house that will make your pet as comfortable as possible when the seasons change. The canvas in a HoundHouse will help your dog to regulate their temperature, but you must also position the kennel in an appropriate spot of your home.

Size does matter
We all want our pets to be as comfortable as possible. The only true way to know what size kennel you should buy is to measure your dog.

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